13 Jul 2015

While a lot of you may still be in school, my Summer is well underway and, when this is posted, I will be home from China probably already editing photos and blog post accounts of the trip to post in a week or so, so look out for those. I'm not taking any books with me while in China other than the Ebooks on my phone and so now I'm back and can crack on with getting stuck in to the books I'm wanting to read this summer. This is something I did last year and maybe the year before on my blog and so I thought I would keep up tradition by sharing my summer TBR, second chances and rereads.


 I can predict now that these won't be the only books that I'll read this summer out of the ones I've bought and still need to receive because of course I'll end up buying more. However, as it stands now, these are the ones I plan on getting read and ticked of my TBR this summer starting with some books that just scream summer to me. I bought Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson a few months back and have been waiting for the sun to come out to get this book out to read. I've heard great things about this book and so I look forward to reading it. Another summer screaming book is how to be bad by E.Lockhart which I hauled here if you want to read more about the book. I received it from Hot Key Books and I've been putting off reading it, again, till it's sunny and I'm in the summer mood. I picked up Wuthering Heights the other week and I'm wanting to give that ago this summer in an attempt to read more classics. I bought Gone Girl months ago and was never in the right mood to give it ago so I think summer it's the right time to make a good start and a good go at reading it.


Giving books a second chance hasn't always worked for me but I'm trying and, again, summer is the best time, to sit down, focus and give it a good chance. There is just two; the first of which is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I remember people talking about the film years ago and when I saw it on offer I picked it up. At that age, the writing seemed minuscule and felt like I needed a magnifying glass but now I think it actually looks like a quick read and the few chapters I tried to read weren't that bad either.I've just not given myself the chance to give it another go. We Are Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler seemed to be quite hyped prior to released and then many seemed unimpressed by the book and so was I the first time round-finding the pace to be extremely slow and making me move on to another book but I don't think it'll be too hard to get through and so I think I'll give it another chance.


There a so many new books and so little time that I hardly get a chance to re read my favourite books but I'm making sure I make time this summer where I'm going to decide once and for all which is m favourite John Green book. I loved Looking For Alaska and have always referred to that as my favourite and even after reading Paper Towns I felt the same until I realised I can't remember a lot of what actually happens in the book and so I can't compare them while the story isn't fresh in my mind and so I'm going to read them both again and decide. Also with Paper Towns being released as a film soon and Looking For Alaska being made into a film, it's a great time to re read. Every summer, I whack out my favourite book and give it a re read; Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley, I'm talking about you. I also have never actually reviewed my favourite book even after promising I would and so I will be doing as soon as I've re read WTCB which I think has a great summery vibe to it. 

Are there any books you plan on reading this summer? Do you have a book you think everyone should read in the summer?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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