2 Jul 2015

It's been a while since I've dedicated a post to my favourites. Mainly because I either have none at all or too many to include in one post but recently I've had a moderate number of things I've been liking so I thought I'd share them with you now!

Simple Spotless Triple Action Face Wash

This is a new release for Simple and one I was instantly attracted due to my skin's nature of being blemish prone but not loved by harsh blemish clearing treatments and as this is catered for just that- blemish prone but sensitive- and I've been really enjoying using it as it does exactly it says it does. I have had a breakout while using it but I don't think it's necessarily been due to this and it's actually helped calm the breakout down. This is definitely one to try if you have skin similar to mine.

Laroche Posay Effaclar Duo+

Sticking with skin care, Over the past few months this has been a continually used product that I bought after being fed up of having to see spots and scarring fill my face and, while I don't feel it's the miracle worker many feel it is, it has helped prevent break outs as well as creating a smoother base before applying my moisturiser. I'm running low so have been rationing and my blemishes are back so as soon as I have a little money, I'll have to repurchase!

Elf Baked Blush

This is a product a bought over a year ago and was too busy loving my Elf Candid Coral blush to really appreciate this but I've been recently reaching for this blush in the shade Peachy Cheeky to give a flush of shimmery pink to my cheeks and is subtle enough for me not to hate it; it's a great summery blush.

Nail Varnish

They aren't the most summery of colours and I probably should have found this duo back a few months ago but I've been loving it recently which is the Essie Master Plan Nail Varnish which is a grey/taupe colour that I think is a great staple colour to have and with the Avon Stardust Crystallised Pink Nail Varnish as an accent nail looks gorgeous! I actually found this duo when I was doing my mum's nails when she was going out and I was jealous of how nice they looked so had to copy her! The Avon nail varnish isn't like the usual slap dash glitter but is opaque and glittery enough in one coat! I think it would be a great Christmas nail colour but I seem to love it right now in the completely opposite time of year. 

All The Bright Places

I thought I would include the book I've loved the most recently which is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I've already done a full review in my RECENTLY READ #10 but I'll say here that if you want to ball your eyes out in gallons of water then this is the one for you. It was a slow start but, once into it, I really enjoyed it and the messages it brought with it. 

There's my current favourites. What have you been loving recently?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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