The March Edit.

30 Mar 2015

What's been going on on my blog this last month?  In my opinion, this month on my blog was a bit if not a lot better than last months; I felt more passionate about my posts and enjoyed writing the majority of them. I started the month reflecting on my high school years with my tips on "Surviving Your Last Year Of High School". I then shared "17 Things" which was 17 things I've learnt in 17 years- as I turned 17 in January- it's something I've been wanting to write for myself more than anything. I then put up "Pen Pals Wanted "where I expressed how I've always wanted a pen pal and the perks of having one. "Recently Read #8" came and it wasn't the most exciting I will admit but I'm trying to expand my reading genres recently so we'll see what the next one includes! I then shared "A Few Recent Purchases" and then a very exiting post which is my first giveaway: "Geek Girl Review and Giveaway"; the giveaway is also still open if you're interested in entering. I next wanted to explore an aspect I've not yet explored on my blog and that's writing tips and so I shared my ways of "Defeating Writers Block". It's very different to the tips I usually give but I enjoyed writing and it's something I want to slowly introduce into my blog if you're interested so please let me know your honest opinions! To finish the month off I shared my "Spring Make Up Refreshand as this goes up so does the post for my Monthly Playlist which I've decided to give its own post!

What blog posts have I enjoyed this month? Helen always has great tips on a blog and her "Tips And Tricks: Contacting Brands and PR" was no different. It seems to be a big secret that some bloggers keep that they go to brands directly and act as though brands just find them but recently people have been a lot more open in saying that they do contact brands themselves and I'm glad about that and Helen is one of those who feels comfortable in sharing this information and giving good tips as well! Amy always has great book and writing posts on her blog and it's a blog I can say I take a lot of inspiration from when writing my own blog posts. Her post entitled "10 Ways to Share Your Love of Books". This is such a good idea fro a post and one that's encouraged me to do a few of the things she included in her post. Alannah has to be one of my favourite people in the blogging world. She is one of the only blogs that I read every single word included in her posts. I love her writing and I'm so excited when she posts. Her post "Unapologetically Me" was no different to her other posts I love and I could really relate to about struggling to write about the things you want to write about in the way you want to and that other people would also like. Finally, Kerry posted about feminism and the use of the word which I loved. It was entitled "Problems with Feminism" and highlighted some of the problems I have myself with the movement. It's something I've been contemplating writing about myself in the coming month and, if anything, this post has encouraged me to voice my opinion but, for the moment, Kerry's post is definitely one to check out!

What I've loved this month: The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E.Lockhart & Spotify.

What I've lusted after: Books, books and more books!

What's coming up next month? Right now I'm not too sure; I'm hoping to plan this next few months out in more detail due to exams approaching but expect more Recently Reads as well as more opinions posts. I'm thinking of focusing a lot more of my posts on books and personal rather than make up in the coming future so I hope that's ok with you. I will still be including beauty posts, they just won't be as often as they have been so don't hate me for that!

My March TBRs: With revision I can already predict that reading will be at a minimal but I think I'll have time for my Penguin Little Black Classics as well The Explorer by James Smythe which I'm currently reading. I have a personal aim to try and devour my TBR list over the coming months but that's not stopping from putting in a potentially big book order from Amazon so we will see!

That's this month all wrapped up and be sure to check out my Playlist post that accompanies this post!
What's something that really stands out to you from the past month?
Hope you're doing great,
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