A Few Recent Purchases.

16 Mar 2015

I always find it hard to keep on top of what I've shown I've bought and what I've not so instead of rifling through my draws trying to work out what I've already mentioned, I thought I would share just the favourite things I've bought over the past few months. I've decided to not include include clothes in these posts as I feel it's hard to depict them ad all their beauty and the photos just won't do it justice and so it's just a few books and a few bits of make up.

Obviously, I've bought more books then just these three but you'll see them all in due course so I thought I'd just show you three books I'm very excited about. Penguin have recently(I think) released 80 Little Black Penguin Classics for just 80p each! I was so excited about this because 1. They're a bargain and 2. I'm really wanting to tart exploring new genres and I think this a great way to start as they include so many different classic authors such as Charles Dickens and Jane Austen to name just two. The first I picked up was No.29 How We Weep and Laugh at the Same Thing by Michel de Montaigne. The premise of this book just really interested me and one I think I'll enjoy. Next was No.77 A Slip Under The Microscope by H.G Wells. From the small synopsis on the back I'm gathering science fiction which isn't a genre I usually venture into but I've always been interested as what generations before us thought was science fiction. The last 80p book my actually picked up but I paid for it so it's living in my room and it's No. 67 It Was Snowing Butterflies by Charles Darwin. Again, what I can gather from the vague blurb is that this is Darwin's account of the "Beagle's momentous voyage". Another that interests me as learning about Darwin briefly at GCSE made me want to learn more about his explorations and so this was the perfect opportunity to read a bit more about him.The fact there are numerical is kind of making me want to buy more so I might do soon! I also think these are great as gifts so if you have a friend or family member who's a keen reader I'd definitely have a look for these!

For Make up, it was a rare occurrence for me to spend money on Bourjois. If you've read my "Too Pale For Beauty?" post you will know my problems with the Bourjois shade range but I've been wanting to try out a few products for a while so I thought I'd just see how it goes. The first thing I picked up is one thing I've wanted since release a year or so ago and that's the 1 2 3 CC Cream(£9.99). I've been on the hunt for a foundation for spring/summer and I remembered wanting this last year so I thought I'd pick it up. First impressions are good and the colour match isn't perfect isn't perfect but isn't too bad or too orange. Another purchase for spring and summer is the Happy Light Illuminous Primer(£10.99). I'm running low on my L'oreal Blur Cream and felt I would pick a more season appropriate primer. at £10.99, it's definitely on the pricey primer side of things but, again, so far so good! Bourjois is one of the more expensive high street beauty brands so I took full advantage of the 3 for 2 and, after picking up the previous items, I picked up something else I've been lusting after and that's the Rouge Edition Velvet in 07 Nude-ist(£7.99). The colour is gorgeous and one I know I'm going to be wearing non-stop. The smell is a little funky and the applicator isn't the best I've had but the formula is to die for!

Lastly, a non-beauty or book purchase but I have to mention it as I love it and that's my new Iphone 5S case(£4.99). I got it from Amazon and I've loved it. Apart from my friend Jacob, all I've received is compliments on it! I'm very picky when it comes to phone cases for some reason but I'm satisfied with this one and I know I'll be using it for ages now!

These are my favourite purchases from the past month! What've you bought recently?
Hope you're doing great,

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