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29 Jan 2015

This is a new monthly feature I've decided to do this year. I'm not a monthly favourites kind of gal because, while they're one of my favourite posts to read, I don't always have enough favourites for a post and so I thought instead I would start this kind of monthly round up post where I don't only round up what I've posted on my blog this month but also share some of my favourite blog posts from the month, a monthly playlist and what I've been lusting after as well as included something I've loved for the past month whether that's a product, book or TV show- it will vary. I'm also going to include what's install for my blog the following month as well as what I plan to read. Being the first of 12 of these posts over the year, this will really be an introduction one to show you what they'll each entail.

What's been going on my blog for the past month? 
Well it's a new so year so I started the year off with my favourite books, music etc from 2014 followed by a letter to 2014- a post I really enjoyed writing to reflect on the year. Writing my letter to 2015 post was also fun to write as it was nice to see written down what I already had planned and to see what else I need to do to make 2015 a good one. I also posted a heavily delayed Recently Read. I was really slacking on the reading in 2014 and so I'm hoping to step it up a gear this year. A Currently Loving also went up as well as A Body Shop haul. I finished this months posts off with a birthday haul as it was my birthday on the 24th and I went on a little shopping trip with a friend and spent a little bit of money as well as getting some great presents.

What blog posts have I enjoyed this month?
Like every January of a new year, people are on top of their blogging game and there has been some great posts this month.One of my favourite posts came from a new blog I've been following- Fragmented Splendour by Annabel who wrote a post entitled "Blog like Nobody's Reading" . This was a post I could really relate to and really enjoyed. Another post I loved was Fashion and Beauty Tribes post about The Perks Of Being A Smaller Blog; a really relate able with  being a small blog myself and it was such a simple nice post to read and one other small bloggers will enjoy reading.

One Thing I've loved this month: My Olay Day Cream as well as this YouTube video.

What I've been lusting after in January: Mac Lipstick in Twig

What's coming up next month? 
I talk about the thing I've loved the most this month in a lot more depth as well as talking about whether a niche is really necessary. Hopefully there'll be another Recently Read(fingers crossed I get my reading hat on!). I also think I'll be talking about why I love film photography and how to get into it if you're interested. If you have any posts you'd like me to include in my blog next month or if any of these sound like something you'd like to read then let me know.

My February To Reads: In making a promise to myself to read more I feel setting myself reading goals would really help I thought you might be interested yourself to se what I'll be reading as well as what reviews will becoming up on my blog.So, in February I hope to read We Are Completely Beside Ourselves, Ayode on Ayode and I Was Here*

I will leave you with this months playlist- it's a good one to start the year!

I hope you enjoyed this new feature on my blog and I hope you're doing great,
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Products that have a (*) have been sent/gifted to me to include or review on my blog. Please take into account that I only accept products I know my readers would be interested in and I always give my honest opinion.

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