My Winter Essentials ❅

4 Dec 2014

It's getting colder and colder by the day and I'm starting to get into, not only the Christmas, but winter spirit also as I try to wrap up warm and make things perfect for the colder days.

Jumper:They're a definite essential. Lot's and lots of jumpers. I've been wearing a dark green one from Matalan a lot when I want serious warmth as the knit is so thick. If it's not too cold I'll wear one I picked up from H&M. It's low cut for a jumper so it isn't always the best option but I absolutely love the dark maroon colour and the way it feels.

Boots:I think a pair of boots are essential and I've had this pair from BANK for years. It's a shop I don't shop at all anymore and never really use to but when I spotted these back a few years ago for only £30, I had to buy them and they are still as good as new. They're great if there's just a little but of snow because, with a pair of thick socks rolled down, they are cosey and still fashionable. I'm so happy I bought them years ago and they've lasted so song. I think a pair of boots are really worth the investment.

Winter Nail Varnishes:When it comes to nails in winters, I quite often go for blues or just stick to the autumnal deep colours but a few weeks a go I found this Barry M Nail Varnish in Vintage Violet which is a colour I've been wanting for ages. It's kind of like a muted purple with some grey undertones- a kind a mauve colour.

Candles: I love candles and I recently bought some new Yankee Candles from Autumn Winter and I love them. One I picked up recently and love is Honey & Spice. I have Orchard Pear left over from last year so I'll be burning that a lot as well.

A Winter Playlist: I can't get enough of my music and it's no different in Winter. I haven't actually got round to making a playlist for the this Winter but I still have my "Winter Warmers" playlist over on 8tracks that you can ave a listen to still. It's one I always find myself listening to in the bath.

Tea: When I say tea I don't just mean plain tea. A nice peppermint tea before bed really relaxes me and then another first think is so refreshing and not as heavy as usual tea that I struggle to drink first thing in the morning.

So they are my winter essentials!
What are some of your winter essentials?
Hope you're doing great,

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