Best Of Skincare 2014

14 Dec 2014

Last weekend it was beauty so this weekend it's all about skincare. I feel like 2014 has been a year when I've really actually noticed my skin and tried to take better care and think more about the products I'm putting on to my face and trying to find the best way to deal with my skin troubles.

A product I use day in day out to remove my make up is the Garnier Micellar Water. I've tried a few micellar waters over the past year and this is always the one I go back to as I really feels I'm getting my money's worth; it removes make up so well and leaves my skin feeling so smooth even before any other steps. Over the year I've gone through just three bottles and I've gone and bought my fourth bottle; a bottle lasts months at a time and is such a great budget skincare option and one I don't tend to stop using through the next year.
Garnier has been a great brand this year and I've also loved their Garnier Soothing Toner. I will admit, toner is usually the step I forget everyday but when I use it I thank myself after as it leaves my skin feeling that extra bit cleansed and gives my face extra softness. There's nothing special about this toner it's just a plain and simple toner that just does the job a toner is supposed to do. It's not harsh on the skin at all and it's just great.
Next is the Simple Hydrating Moisturiser. I will admit that I go through stages with this product when I love it and when I hate it. It sometimes doesn't hydrate my skin enough before applying my make up but sometimes it's great. While I've had some ups and downs with this moisturiser I still myself repurchasing it over and over because I feel it's a good product to have in my stash all the time and when I've run out of another moisturiser, I use this as a back up.
I have blemish prone skin which I can happily say had died down a lot recently but when I was breaking out left right and centre especially during my exams, the Good Things "Stop that Spot!" Treatment was always on hand to help the situation out a little. It's not a wonder worker but it really did calm my spots down if they flared up as well as helping them disappear just that little bit quicker. Because I haven't had a serious breakout for a wile, I haven't needed to repurchase this product but if I do in the future, they'll be no doubt that I'll be picking this up again.
It's the best till last in this case and the best skincare purchase of the year has to go to the Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud Mask. I haven't needed any other face masks this year because I know this will solve my spot problems. It leaves my skin feeling clean and polished. I really feel like it lifts all the impurities from my face and helps my spots. Even though it does sometimes cause some spots to surface, I don't mind because I know it's getting the dirt out of my skin. It's also lasted me all year even though I've used it so much. I think it shows how long it's lasted from the fact I still have the old packaging which has been changed for a while now. As I'm writing this I actually have the face mask on right now and I think I've finally got my last use out of it so as soon as the Christmas season is over, I know I will be right out to boots and buying it again!

And that is it! I know I'll be exploring more skincare over the next year but these products have been great over the last year!
What skincare products have you loved over this last year?
Hope you're doing great,
Hope you're doing great,

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