2 Years Of Blogging: What I've Learnt.

8 Dec 2014

How time flies in the blogging world! It seems like only yesterday that I set up my bog and posted my first post about the Clothes Show. When I first started my blog, my intention was to just write about experience and personal accounts but then I soon discovered the lifestyle/beauty blogging world and haven't really looked back! While it has been two years, I still feel as a young blogger I'm still finding my feet with where I want to take my blog in the future with my love for music,beauty, books and all round lifestyle I can sometimes find it hard to work out where my blog is going but right now I just can't believe it's been two years!
 I remember posting one of my earlier posts "Labelling People". While the posts is all over the place with small photos taken from Google and being amazed how fast the views went up and feeling that maybe this is something I should be doing and if people enjoy it than it's great; that post today remains my most viewed post and one I'm actually proud of. Over these 2 years blogging has been a great way to write down my feelings as well as share all sorts with people who seem like distant friends. Blogging's helped me learn so many different things over the years so I thought I would share them with you today!

Numbers Don't Matter. While I will admit in the early stages I obsessed over views but now I'm comfortable with the small amount of views that I receive and I'm happy when I receive just one comment on a post so I know that at least one person enjoyed. I now know that blogging isn't about the audience but more about yourself; blogging has been my release over the years and I've really learnt that as long as I enjoy what I post then that's all that really matters.

An Audience Doesn't Grow Overnight. This is probably the biggest lesson I've learnt. After starting blogging after reading blogs myself such as Zoella and ViviannaDoesmakeUp, I expected by some miracle that I would be a full blown blogger overnight but that is by far the case. 2 years on with just over 100 followers on Bloglovin' it wasn't the case and I think this is good because I've learnt, again, that blogging is much about yourself than your audience and I'm happy with my small audience and how it is at the moment.

It's Not Always Straight Forward. As I've mentioned, there have been times in the past two years when my creative juices have stopped flowing and I've struggled to even put up one post a week. With my 2/3 posts a week schedule as it is at the moment, I have been struggling over the past month or two to know what to post. My idea book has been nearly dried up and I'm not sure what direction I want to take my blog in the future. This is why, I will say now, that I might be making some small changes next year and I want your help! I will be soon making a short survey for you to answer if you have a few minutes so it can hopefully hep me work out what I want to do with my blog in the future.

Stick At It. Over the confusing months of blogging, I've stuck at it, sticking at my schedule even if I'm struggling because I've learnt that there's no point stopping; I have a better chance of getting creative again by carrying on. Back in the days when I obsessed over numbers and didn't know the real meaning of blogging, I would have just given up but now I know that it's not all about this and not giving up is best for myself.

Thankyou. This all leads me to this and that is one massive big thank you. This is normally the part when many bloggers host a giveaway but sadly I don't have the money for it right now as t's nearing Christmas but maybe in 2015 I will! But, I really can't say thank you enough for sticking with me through the slightly wobbly months of posts and whether you've been following me for the two years or two weeks I thank each and every one of you for each individual like and comment, they seriously mean a lot. I appreciate every single last one of you and I class you all as friends. 

So, here's to another 2 years!
Love you all!
Hope you're doing great,

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