I Forget Where We Were.

30 Oct 2014

3 years and 2 Brit awards later and finally he's back! After 3 painstakingly long years of impatiently waiting for a follow up to his debut album Every Kingdom, Ben Howard is back with his amazing second album I Forget Where We Were.
I've worn out my Every Kingdom CD and have spent the last few years, soon after hearing Every Kingdom, waiting for the second album to drop even when there was no evidence that there would actually be a second one. But here we are! There now is a second album and I'm over the moon that it's here. 
Like all artist's second album, Ben Howard's is no different as he explores other ways of playing songs and by doing this Ben has delivered to us an album a lot deeper than we're used to from him. The mood of the album, I feel, was set by the single released under the same name as the album I Forget Where We Were. The song gives a more darker sound with electric guitars accompanied by some beautiful poetic lyrics that sometimes are hard to figure out what the real meaning is but that's something I like about songs; a bit of mystery behind the lyrics ever hurt anyone and, being open to interpretation means people can relate to them for many different reasons.
The same theme carries on to the other tracks such as End of the Affair- a lengthy seven minute with changing dynamics throughout its duration and where Ben shows off all he is capable of in one song. 
Just like Every Kingdom, the album carries some thought provoking songs where the lyrics are open to interpretation as well as carrying the familiar emotive tone that Ben's song's carry and that I love.
Each track I love for a different reason but one of my personal favourites is Time Is Dancing. It's the song off the album that I always get list in and end up closing my eyes ad, if I'm doing something, I will stop and just listen.
I stop at just the one favourite because I know if I carry on, I'll end up just listing the whole track list.
But I would check out Conrad and All Now Is Harmed.

Right I'll stop now.

And River In Your Mouth.

Just check out the whole album!

Ben Howard's voice is an enchanting and rare find and I will be wearing this CD out just as much as the first but fingers crossed I won't have to wait another three years for the next.

Also last thing and a tip for other musical artists- if you're going to bring out a CD follow in Ben's brilliant foot steps and include a poster; it's greatly appreciated!

I really hope you enjoyed this CD review and I really recommend checking it out if you haven't already. If you have, what did you think of it?
Let me know if there's any new releases you'd like me to review in the future!
Hope you're doing great,

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