An Expensive Mistake.

11 Oct 2014

It was back at the start of summer when I decided I really needed to something about my dry skin as it was becoming a real hindrance. Origins is a brand that floats around the blogging world followed by bold statements of how many swear by the products they get from Origins. After weeks of deliberation and reading review after review, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the £23 for the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Hydration Overnight Mask. I brought it home and tried it out immediatley. The smell was amazing and I remembered feeling so fancy having, what I think, is a very luxurious product all over my face. The women at the counter suggested on first try to apply it all over and then when using it again to focus on areas that really need it.
  On first try, after leaving it on overnight, it broke me out. Seeing as I do have acne prone skin, I did actually expect it to do so because it is  product tailored towards dry skin not dehydrated skin (there is a difference!). I didn't want to let this product go to waste so I hoped to find a way to make this work so on 2nd attempt I applied it to just the dryer areas of my face and tried to avoid the areas I'd broken out in or where I usually would but, wherever I placed it it broke me out.
  While it did break me out, it did hydrate my skin but it didn't work for as long as I expected; I thought it would some how keep my skin feeling softer and more hydrated for at least a few day in between washes etc but as soon as I came in contact with water, my face went back to it's usual, dehydrated self. 
  It's been a few months now since I bought it and I feel like it was a real waste of money. Last week I even tried it again and this time the break out was even more severe and came out as an allergic reaction of sorts just mintes after I applied it to my skin. This really has been a waste of my money and really hasn't worked in helping my skin. I've found that my cheap Garnier Moisture Match Moisturiser gives me better results than this mask and I don't think that should be the case. 
  Sadly, this really didn't work for me which may be an unpopular opinion when there are so many glowing reports about this mask. I would just say if you have acne prone skin which causes dehydration, this isn't the right product to try to sole your problems.
Have you tried this mask  or anything other products from Origins?
Hope you're doing great,

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