Prom Prep: A Make Up Mishap & Photo Friendly Make Up

21 Apr 2014

The second step to my prom I tried to tackle was my make-up and I thought everything was sorted! Me and my friend Leah had set up an appointment with a make-up artist she'd worked with before and it was the perfect choice because she was local and we knew her. We booked a trial for £15 so we could have a play around and a practice to create the look I want. Leah went first and she was no trouble- new exactly what she wanted and had the skin perfect for any make-up artist. 
Then it was my turn and everything went to pot. Even after pinning many prom make up inspiration picture on to Pinterest, I still had no clue what I wanted! Everything she did was not how I would have done it and I should of definitely give her some guidance on colours and in the end as it was just too heavy on shimmer and I'm more of a matte fan even for an occasion like this. I wasn't sure what she was doing when she used a stick foundation with my dry skin. She went on to powder my skin and contour before finishing with some highlighter. When I finally looked in the mirror, honestly, I hated it. The eyes made me look like black swan but it wasn't just the eyes as the contour was not blended right and the foundation didn't actually cover up and imperfections and she didn't seem to own a concealer that she could use;plus she didn't have a shade pale enough for me. I'm not one to be fussy and complain but I did not not want to be rocking up to prom like this so we did try another look but it still just didn't do it and my face just felt awful. The thing that annoyed me the most was that I specifically said no eye liner because of my hooded eye lids but she took no notice and added some any way. I was still unhappy but I wasn't complaining again so I said it was fine. When showing my mum she said it wasn't me and I totally agree! So I've decided I'm going to be doing it myself and I've decided I' going to include, in this post, how I get photo friendly make up after searching the internet on numerous occasions to find out some of the best ways to achieve almost no flash back!.

So firstly the thing everyone mentions- a low SPF is better photo ready make up. Yes it is better but it's not necessarily the only cure to photo ready make-up. Nearly all foundations have an SPF of 10 or above these days and those below seem to only be high end products. I was so close to going out and buying the Laura Mercier Silk Foundation or the Giorgio Armani foundation until I found out that it's not all the SPF; it helps to have a low SPF but what your looking for are two certain ingredients; Titanium Dioxide and Zinc. If the foundation does claim to have SPF it will have Titanium Dioxide. If the SPF isn't that high it will be fine unless it contain Zinc as well and then you may have a problem! Because of this I'm not having to splash out on a high end foundation and instead I can use my favourite foundation which is the L'oreal True Match Foundation (I've done a full review which you can read here). This is may change in the day if I find a better alternative but for the moment it will be this one!
Next is concealer; I'd avoid concealer that claims to brightens or lightens as it is another cause for the horrible flash back so maybe if you want create a natural highlight use a shade slightly lighter that what you'd normally use on your eyes and then your normal concealer if you have any blemishes. On the day I'll be using a mix of my Collection concealer of course and maybe my Dainty Doll Concealer as well.
Eyebrows is another thing that suffers in photographs ; they can tend to look very washed out in photos so make sure to groom them well and fill in as they will frame your whole face. I know that before prom I'll be going to get mine threaded/waxed and maybe even tinted who knows!
When it comes to powder, I'm still unsure as to what I will do as from research, I've found it's best to use a powder that's either the same colour as your own or even slightly darker and refrain from using HD powders. At the moment I'm going to use my usual Stay Matte translucent powder. If you have any recommendations let me now!
Next I do is a matte bronzer to contour and I don't think I'll be using blush as I think I'll be fine without it and I'd just use a big powder brush to do an overall bronze. I'm leaving out eyes and lips because that's for another post as I'd love your help in deciding what colours to go for but I have applied some of my Maybelline The Rocket to my top lashes and Avon Super Extend mascara to my bottom lashes as this is what I'll probably wear on the day and here's what it all looks like together!

Here I'm going to list some videos that I used to help me find the perfect photo ready base which turned out to be my normal everyday base:
Tanya Burr Prom Make Up Tutorial for Daily Mix
Picture Perfect Make Up by The Make Up Chair
Goss Make Up Artist Stopping Make Up Flashback

So a top tip for all those who are wanting a make up artist for prom is to have a trial no matter how 'experienced' they are because there's no point getting to the day and finding you don't like it.
I've been working on a few make up looks and I will do another post with a few options and maybe ask you to help me if that's what you'd like! 
If you have any prom make up products ideas or looks that you think would be perfect please let me know!
Also do you know of any good foundations that have a low SPF in them?
Hope you're doing great, 

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