Nail Picks: Best Of Blues

13 Mar 2014

So I thought I would start a small new feature where I talk about some of my favourite nail varnishes that would be great for certain occasions of just the best of a certain colour. Today, I thought I'd start with my favourite blues!

Models Own 'Show Stopper 2': So I've decided to include this in this post because I'm not a big fan of glitter nail varnish but I absolutely love this blue glitter. Please don't kill for including it when it's limited edition but I've been wanting to include it for absolutely ages!

Barry M #317 'Blue Moon': I've actually only really included this one because it's the only nail varnish I own that goes with the Model's own glitter nail varnish. In my honest opinion, I'm not a big fan of this nail varnish; because of how light the colour is, you have to use a minimum of 3 coats to get that opaque look and I'm not patient enough to be doing that- I want one I can just paint and go. Having said that, I absolutely love this pastel blue and if you know of anything similar, let me know!

NYC #325 Raindrop: Talking of paint and go nail varnishes- this is a quick drying nail polish that-even though it needs to coats- is a gorgeous colour and is great. I wouldn't say its the fastest fast drying nail varnish I own but it's definitely faster than some.NYC nail polishes don't get a lot of mention online but, for the price you pay, they are great!

Barry M Gelly Shine #324 'Blueberry': I'm a massive fan of the Barry M Gelly Shine collection and this is probably my favourite from the collection and probably my favourite nail varnish overall. I just love the colour! It's not one you see everyday and absolutely love the formula for this nail varnish. This nail varnish was one of the first products I talked and used on this blog so I've had this a while! I can also tell it's a good nail varnish as my sister is always stealing it!

Barry M Gelly Shine #351 'Blue Grape': Yes, another Gelly Shine nail varnish and another colour you don't see in all the nail varnish sections of the drugstore. I've only worn this one or twice and I already love it! The same thing applies to this as the above and I just love these nail varnishes!

So there you go! That's my first Nail Picks post and I hope you liked it. What are you're favourite blue nail varnishes? Also, let me know any nail picks post ideas you would like me to do!

Hope you're doing great, 


  1. i've never tried a NYC nail polish, they look really good! x

  2. I love the shade of the NYC polish!

    Hannah x

  3. I have been looking for some new nailvarnshes and I love the models own one and the NYC one I think the could both look cool together also if you have a chance could you visit my blog if you do thankyou