While Christmas is now over, it's still the winter party season with New Year just a few days away. While I don't really go out for new year and we just spend it at home with friends it's nice to make a little bit of an effort to welcome the new year so here's what make up I'll be wearing and hopefully it will give yourself some ideas.
Starting with the base is a new and expensive foundation which is the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 3.5. I don't want to give a full opinion on the foundation as of yet but I will say for the sake of this post that I know it's a great long lasting foundation so will last all the way till 2015 if you where it on New Years Eve! To conceal under the eyes I used my usual 17 Stay Time Concealer and my Collection Lasting Perfection on any blemishes; as you can see from the photo my concealing wasn't really on point on this certain day as well as having a particularly spotty day. To contour, again, will come as no surprise, I used the Sleek Face Form Kit in Fair. For this look I just contoured and then used the highlight in the palette with no blush.
Eyebrows. I took my Naked Basics palette and the shade Naked 2 to fill in my eyebrows and then used my Rimmel Brow This Way to set them in place. For eyes I decided to get some use out of my MUA Heaven and Earth palette. I started by taking the shimmery white shade all over the lid but concentrating mainly on the inner corner before taking the shade next to it onto the outer half of the lid. To intesify the look slightly more I took a dark shimmery purple/brown into the crease as well as the outer corner. For lashes I used my amazing new discovery which is the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara. The lengthening this mascara does is insane and great for people who want full, long lashes with out the fuss of fake eye lashes. After applying that to my top and bottom lashes, I took my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder over the face focusing on the T zone and under the eyes. 
Finally lips. Everyone loves a good berry red and is why I included my 17 lipstick in Rich. You've seen me wear that before so I opted for a new combination of my L'oreal Colour Riche Lipstick with my Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Chic.

And that's it!I hope you enjoyed this post. 
What make up look are you going to rock for new year?
Hope you're doing great,

While it is Christmas day that this will go up, it's also a day to post and I didn't want to break my schedule two weeks on the go so I thought I would say a Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all have an amazing day opening and giving presents surrounded by people you love watching the amazing Christmas TV that's on! This last month has been a fairly emotional one for myself but I always find that Christmas is a day to enjoy and be grateful for everything I have; having a family and friends that love me. Christmas is a time a time to be happy so I truely hope you're all happy; if unfortunately you're not just think that a new year is round the corner and a new year means a new start. I'll be back on Monday with my last yearly favourites installment and it's not one to miss! 
But for now I suggest you stop looking at your phone and get off your laptops and go watch Frozen or another Christmas film with your family while the tea is being made. 
Relax and enjoy you're day.

Christmas is the time when the TV channels are filled with our favourite Christmas movies from the Grinch to The Holiday but along with films there's lots of original TV shows on and I thought I'd share with you the ones I'll be watching and recording myself over the Christmas period!

Christmas Eve.
There's actually not much on which surprises me but I know I'll definitely be watching the usual Eastenders and Hollyoaks installments. Earlier on in the day BBC1 have The Gruffalo on at 3.05 followed by Cars 2 and one of my favourites, The Snowman is being payed on Channel 4 at 7.30.

Christmas Day.
Now this is when it good mainly on BBC1 starting at 3.10 with Puss In Boots great for the kids or childish adults or people like myself! Then at 6.15 it's The Doctor Who Christmas Special; I've not heard much about the special this year but I know we'll be watching it post Christmas dinner food comas. It's followed by my favourite Woman Miranda; this is the first of two final episodes that she will be making and so I'm sad that the hilarious series is coming to an end but I'm really excited to see what happens. Skip to 10.40 my favourite comedian,Michael Mcintyre's Very Christmmasy Christmas Show. While the line up isn't the most exciting, it will be a nice end to Christmas day!

Boxing Day. 
Boxing Day is just as good as Christmas for the TV starting at 3.15 with Monsters Inc. My 22 year old sister is obsessed with Monsters Inc so I think we'll be forced to watch it even if she's watched it the night before which is highly likely. The at 6.55 is the one I' really looking forward to and it's The Boy In The Dress based on David Walliams' best selling novel. This was one of the books that got me back into reading after primary school and, while I've forgotten a lot of the story line as well as being a little too old to watch it, that doesn't bother me and I can't wait to watch it! After another Eastenders, at 8.30 The Avengers Assemble is on but seeing as I already have it one DVD I'll be turning the channel to one of my favourite annual shows and it's The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year on Channel 4 at 9.00 which is 2 hours long and always has me in fits of giggles.

So that wraps up (get it? like a present? no? ok) my run down of great British Christmas TV this year. Of course I won't be sat in front of my telly all day because I do want to spend some time playing games and talking to the family so I will be pressing the record button to watch later on or in a day or two.
 I'd also just like to apologies quickly for not posting last Thursday. I was supposed to write it earlier in the week but after receiving some sad news I wasn't really in the mood to post and so I hope you don't mind. I have a small Christmas message going up on Thursday but for now Merry Christmas!
Hope you're doing great,

Today I thought I'd share with you a recipe for a delicious and fun treat for you to enjoy this Christmas. I tried this last year just as chocolate cakes but I thought I'd step it up a Christmas gear and make them gingerbread flavored; a flavor I can't get enough of at Christmas (all hail the Starbucks Gingerbread Latte!). It's such a quick and easy recipe and one that I know you'll love!


For the cakes:

  •  (140g/5oz)Unsalted butter 
  • 200g/7oz golden caster sugar
  • 60g/2¼oz golden syrup
  • 60g/2¼oz black treacle
  • 300g/10½ plain flour
  • 240ml/8½oz warmed milk
  • 2 free range eggs  
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1tsp ground ginger
  • 1tsp nutmeg
  • 2sp baking powder 
  • 1tsp salt 

For Decoration:

  • 80g/3oz Unsalted Butter
  • 160g/6oz Icing Sugar
  • 2tbsp cocoa powder
  • Bit Chocolate buttons
  • Pretzel crisps/ chocolate pretzels
  • small red sweets(jelly tots or smaties are great)
  • dark chocolate drops


  1. Set the oven for 190°C/ Gas Mark 5
  2. Beat the butter & sugar until light and creamy before beating in the treacle, syrup, eggs and egg yolks until all combined.
  3. Sift the flour, ginger,nutmeg,baking powder & salt and add half of this mixture to the butter mixture. 
  4. After warming the milk, add half to the mixture and beat until well combined.
  5. Add the remaining flour & warm milk and beat again.
  6. Spoon the mixture into cake cases of choice- it should make about 15 cakes depending on the size.
  7. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until they are well risen and lightly firm.
  8. Remove once slightly cool and place on cooling rack.
  9. After weighing out the sugar, take out two tbsp and replace with the cocoa powder before gradually adding the mixture to the butter and creaming together to make a chocolate butter cream.
  10. Finally, add the butter cream, chocolate button and red sweet for the nose, pretzels for ears and chocolate drops for eyes.
Et Voila! A delicious treat for you and the family at christmas!
Are you going to be baking this christmas?
Hope you're doing great,

Over the past few months I've struggled with blogging (which I know I keep mentioning) and I think that's because of the wide variety of topics I try to cover. I don't want to be forced into one niche but I know that I'm going to have to streamline topics to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to read. Because of this I've set up a survey that I would love for you to answer. I don't mind how harsh you be but over the upcoming I really want to find my place in the blogging world and hopefully make my blog a better place for all of you lovely readers! Below is the survey and I would really appreciate you taking just a few minutes to answer the questions because I know that the outcome of the survey would not only benefit me but will benefit yourselves as well! So just press the Launch button to start the survey!

This as just an extra post today as I didn't want it to interveen with the blog posts for next week but I hope you did take part in the survey and if you did thankyou so much!
Hope you're doing great,

Last weekend it was beauty so this weekend it's all about skincare. I feel like 2014 has been a year when I've really actually noticed my skin and tried to take better care and think more about the products I'm putting on to my face and trying to find the best way to deal with my skin troubles.

A product I use day in day out to remove my make up is the Garnier Micellar Water. I've tried a few micellar waters over the past year and this is always the one I go back to as I really feels I'm getting my money's worth; it removes make up so well and leaves my skin feeling so smooth even before any other steps. Over the year I've gone through just three bottles and I've gone and bought my fourth bottle; a bottle lasts months at a time and is such a great budget skincare option and one I don't tend to stop using through the next year.
Garnier has been a great brand this year and I've also loved their Garnier Soothing Toner. I will admit, toner is usually the step I forget everyday but when I use it I thank myself after as it leaves my skin feeling that extra bit cleansed and gives my face extra softness. There's nothing special about this toner it's just a plain and simple toner that just does the job a toner is supposed to do. It's not harsh on the skin at all and it's just great.
Next is the Simple Hydrating Moisturiser. I will admit that I go through stages with this product when I love it and when I hate it. It sometimes doesn't hydrate my skin enough before applying my make up but sometimes it's great. While I've had some ups and downs with this moisturiser I still myself repurchasing it over and over because I feel it's a good product to have in my stash all the time and when I've run out of another moisturiser, I use this as a back up.
I have blemish prone skin which I can happily say had died down a lot recently but when I was breaking out left right and centre especially during my exams, the Good Things "Stop that Spot!" Treatment was always on hand to help the situation out a little. It's not a wonder worker but it really did calm my spots down if they flared up as well as helping them disappear just that little bit quicker. Because I haven't had a serious breakout for a wile, I haven't needed to repurchase this product but if I do in the future, they'll be no doubt that I'll be picking this up again.
It's the best till last in this case and the best skincare purchase of the year has to go to the Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud Mask. I haven't needed any other face masks this year because I know this will solve my spot problems. It leaves my skin feeling clean and polished. I really feel like it lifts all the impurities from my face and helps my spots. Even though it does sometimes cause some spots to surface, I don't mind because I know it's getting the dirt out of my skin. It's also lasted me all year even though I've used it so much. I think it shows how long it's lasted from the fact I still have the old packaging which has been changed for a while now. As I'm writing this I actually have the face mask on right now and I think I've finally got my last use out of it so as soon as the Christmas season is over, I know I will be right out to boots and buying it again!

And that is it! I know I'll be exploring more skincare over the next year but these products have been great over the last year!
What skincare products have you loved over this last year?
Hope you're doing great,
Hope you're doing great,

It's been a very long time since I've shown you some of the things I've bought but over the past week or so I've done a little bit of shopping for myself in between Christmas shopping and so I thought I would share the few bits I've purchased. 
Let's start with Lush. I'm not a big buyer of Lush as, while I love browsing and going in for a smell, I do sometimes feel it's a waste of money but with it being near Christmas and finding myself having more baths, I treated myself to two things. The first one is The Comforter Bubble Bar which you break a small bit off and run it under the tap to create lots of fruity smelling bubbles. This is something I've been wanting for a while so I can't wait to give it a whirl. The other thing I bought is the So White Bath Bomb; it has such a refreshing scent and is not over complicated with funky colours and glitters. For my mum, I'm putting together a "De-Stress" hamper and so I think I'll give her this bath bomb.
I repurchased my Garnier Simple Essentials Toner. Toner is a step I quite often forget but when I do remember I thank myself later as it really leaves my skin feeling that extra bit clean as well as leaving it soft. This inexpensive one for Garnier does the job for me so I picked up another. 
Maybelline were on 3 for 2 so I picked up 3 Colour Show Nail Varnishes. I think I'll be giving two of them away as presents to my Secret Santa but I'll definitely be keeping the shade Brick Shimmer which is a gorgeous shimmery copper which is a colour I've been looking for and will be wearing for Christmas.
If you've read my blog for a while, I mention a lot that I'm not a fan of lip gloss and because of this I never picked up one of the Tanya Burr releases, plus I actually thought they were fairly expensive. However, they were reduced in Superdrug so I picked up the Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Chic; so far I do like it especially the colour but I do find it slightly sticking but we will see if it grows on me!
The last beauty item is a very expensive one and that's the Illamasqua Skin Base in 3.5. After I bought it, I wasn't sure if I made the right decision spending all that money especially just before Christmas but so far I do like it; it's great for redness and lasts most of the day. I will definitely being a full review in the future if you want me to so let me know!
I've been pretty bad at reading recently so I apologise for there being no Recently Read posts recently but they'll be back in the New Year. I wasn't going to buy anymore books before Christmas but when I was buying a Christmas present and it was buy one get one half price I thought I would buy the prequel to the Maze Runner, The Kill Order by James Dashner. I can't wait to read this and hopefull it will tie up any loose ends left from the last book.

So that's all I've bought! If you're wanting any reviews on any of the products mentioned, let me know!
Hope you're doing great,

How time flies in the blogging world! It seems like only yesterday that I set up my bog and posted my first post about the Clothes Show. When I first started my blog, my intention was to just write about experience and personal accounts but then I soon discovered the lifestyle/beauty blogging world and haven't really looked back! While it has been two years, I still feel as a young blogger I'm still finding my feet with where I want to take my blog in the future with my love for music,beauty, books and all round lifestyle I can sometimes find it hard to work out where my blog is going but right now I just can't believe it's been two years!
 I remember posting one of my earlier posts "Labelling People". While the posts is all over the place with small photos taken from Google and being amazed how fast the views went up and feeling that maybe this is something I should be doing and if people enjoy it than it's great; that post today remains my most viewed post and one I'm actually proud of. Over these 2 years blogging has been a great way to write down my feelings as well as share all sorts with people who seem like distant friends. Blogging's helped me learn so many different things over the years so I thought I would share them with you today!

Numbers Don't Matter. While I will admit in the early stages I obsessed over views but now I'm comfortable with the small amount of views that I receive and I'm happy when I receive just one comment on a post so I know that at least one person enjoyed. I now know that blogging isn't about the audience but more about yourself; blogging has been my release over the years and I've really learnt that as long as I enjoy what I post then that's all that really matters.

An Audience Doesn't Grow Overnight. This is probably the biggest lesson I've learnt. After starting blogging after reading blogs myself such as Zoella and ViviannaDoesmakeUp, I expected by some miracle that I would be a full blown blogger overnight but that is by far the case. 2 years on with just over 100 followers on Bloglovin' it wasn't the case and I think this is good because I've learnt, again, that blogging is much about yourself than your audience and I'm happy with my small audience and how it is at the moment.

It's Not Always Straight Forward. As I've mentioned, there have been times in the past two years when my creative juices have stopped flowing and I've struggled to even put up one post a week. With my 2/3 posts a week schedule as it is at the moment, I have been struggling over the past month or two to know what to post. My idea book has been nearly dried up and I'm not sure what direction I want to take my blog in the future. This is why, I will say now, that I might be making some small changes next year and I want your help! I will be soon making a short survey for you to answer if you have a few minutes so it can hopefully hep me work out what I want to do with my blog in the future.

Stick At It. Over the confusing months of blogging, I've stuck at it, sticking at my schedule even if I'm struggling because I've learnt that there's no point stopping; I have a better chance of getting creative again by carrying on. Back in the days when I obsessed over numbers and didn't know the real meaning of blogging, I would have just given up but now I know that it's not all about this and not giving up is best for myself.

Thankyou. This all leads me to this and that is one massive big thank you. This is normally the part when many bloggers host a giveaway but sadly I don't have the money for it right now as t's nearing Christmas but maybe in 2015 I will! But, I really can't say thank you enough for sticking with me through the slightly wobbly months of posts and whether you've been following me for the two years or two weeks I thank each and every one of you for each individual like and comment, they seriously mean a lot. I appreciate every single last one of you and I class you all as friends. 

So, here's to another 2 years!
Love you all!
Hope you're doing great,

This time last year I compiled my favourites over the last year and rounded them up into 3 posts: Beauty, Skincare and other. They went down so well last year that I thought I would do them again this year, posting a new installment over the next 3 Saturday's that will go up before Christmas and before the end of the year starting today with beauty.
The products I use are similar to those that I used last year and still remain some of my favourites but I wanted to include completely different products to those of last year so if you want to see last years favourites you can do so here. But now onto this years most loved products starting a concealer. I thought I would always and forever e attached to my Collection concealer that I mentioned in last years post but with the same feelings for many others, it was always either out of stock or the ones left were lucking battered and a little worse for wear so I had to find a replacement so I tried the 17 Stay Time Concealer in Extra Fair. This is a great under eye concealer and not being too bad in concealing spots either.
Next is a mascara and it has to be the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara.  bought this for prom back a few months ago and haven't stopped using it. It holds well giving great length and volume to my lashes. Also having the waterproof version feel helped with it being able to last longer and to uplift my lashes.
Next is something I got for my birthday back last year and while to start with I didn't see what all the fuss was about, I now use it daily and that's the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. Such simple shades that are great for creating a simple look or for a dramatic smokey eye. The shades are individually great and I especially love the light ash brown which I use everyday just a colour to go all over the lids as well recently using it to fill in my brows.
I have two favourites from L'Oreal this year starting with one I got quite a while back last spring that has featured already in quite a few posts- The L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Cheryl's Nude. It has been my go to shade throughout most of the year when I have been indecisive of what lipstick shade to wear. It's a great everyday colour and the perfect amount of pink and brown tones for myself.
The other L'Oreal favourite is the L'Oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer. I got very bored of my usual sleek matte bronzer and felt it was time for a change so I picked this up and I use it everyday to give my face a nice natural bronzer everyday. It's quick to apply and has lasted me ages; considering I use it everyday, I seem to be very far off hitting pan.
I made my first order to ELF earlier this year and out of that came a great blush in the shade "Candid Coral"- another product I've used all year round as a fail safe. It's nothing too drastic but adds something extra that I love.
Finally, last year I mentioned my Real Techniques brushes however this year I've been loving my eBay brush set. They are great at really buffing in the product and giving a really seamless finish. Some of the brushes I don't use but I use the flat top brushes for my foundation and then the smaller round top brushes for concealer. They are great and seriously affordable.
So that's my Yearly Beauty Favorites and next is my skincare favourites.
What has been some of your favourite products this year?
Hope you're doing great,
It's getting colder and colder by the day and I'm starting to get into, not only the Christmas, but winter spirit also as I try to wrap up warm and make things perfect for the colder days.

Jumper:They're a definite essential. Lot's and lots of jumpers. I've been wearing a dark green one from Matalan a lot when I want serious warmth as the knit is so thick. If it's not too cold I'll wear one I picked up from H&M. It's low cut for a jumper so it isn't always the best option but I absolutely love the dark maroon colour and the way it feels.

Boots:I think a pair of boots are essential and I've had this pair from BANK for years. It's a shop I don't shop at all anymore and never really use to but when I spotted these back a few years ago for only £30, I had to buy them and they are still as good as new. They're great if there's just a little but of snow because, with a pair of thick socks rolled down, they are cosey and still fashionable. I'm so happy I bought them years ago and they've lasted so song. I think a pair of boots are really worth the investment.

Winter Nail Varnishes:When it comes to nails in winters, I quite often go for blues or just stick to the autumnal deep colours but a few weeks a go I found this Barry M Nail Varnish in Vintage Violet which is a colour I've been wanting for ages. It's kind of like a muted purple with some grey undertones- a kind a mauve colour.

Candles: I love candles and I recently bought some new Yankee Candles from Autumn Winter and I love them. One I picked up recently and love is Honey & Spice. I have Orchard Pear left over from last year so I'll be burning that a lot as well.

A Winter Playlist: I can't get enough of my music and it's no different in Winter. I haven't actually got round to making a playlist for the this Winter but I still have my "Winter Warmers" playlist over on 8tracks that you can ave a listen to still. It's one I always find myself listening to in the bath.

Tea: When I say tea I don't just mean plain tea. A nice peppermint tea before bed really relaxes me and then another first think is so refreshing and not as heavy as usual tea that I struggle to drink first thing in the morning.

So they are my winter essentials!
What are some of your winter essentials?
Hope you're doing great,

Last Thursday I headed to the cinema with my sister and some of her friends to watch the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part ; the 3rd out of 4 movies based on the 3rd and final book. It was a great day to go as we went at 11 o'clock as I was off school and so I hoped it would be quiet and I was right; we were the only people in the cinema. With this film, I hadn't read the book again prior to the film's release but I wouldn't still remember a lot of what happened and my opinion on the book was similar to everyone else's and that was "Mocking Jay" was sadly the worst of the three hunger games book so I went in there with not the highest of hopes because usually if a book isn't that good, it's hard to turn that into a good film. 
Surprisingly though, I really enjoyed it. Maybe not as much as the other two but I would happily watch it again. I felt they turned a book that wasn't that good actually in to a good film and they did well with what they had to work with changing it where necessary to make the film even better than the book which is very unusual. I loved watching the rebellion unfold and seeing the other districts fight against the capitol which you don't see much of in the book. 
I have to mention the singing scene. In interviews I'd scene of Jennifer, she said the singing scene was her least favourite to film but it was actually one of my favourite parts of the film especially when the rebellions from the other districts started to join in. It was beautifully haunting and I loved it.
One thing I did enjoy about the last book was the mention and making of the propaganda which also played a big part in the film which I was happy about as it's very relate able to world affairs to today and how governments uncertain countries hide certain things to "protect" their people. 
From what I remember from the book Effie didn't play much of a big part in it where as she seemed to in the film which I think was a good choice as it added some light humor and something extra to the film. I also love the relationship between hr and Haymitch during the films.
I do feel it was more of a filler film, setting us up for the last one but it was tense, thrilling, edge of your seat stuff once it got going. It is definitely a film I would watch again and it's got me excited for the next and final installment.

Have you scene the new Hunger Games yet?
Hope you're doing great,

I started college after leaving high school back in September and when I left school I thought great! I'd have so much more time to blog! I couldn't be more wrong. The subjects are so demanding and I hardly managed to pull together two posts a week because I struggle to even think of next weeks ideas. I know I'm not on my own and there are many of my readers who go to school/college as well as blogging so I thought I would share a few tips that help me try and get all my college work done as well as blog posts.

Be A Time Management Master. I've ever been that bad with time management and I've always made sure I made time for everything but I've found writing numerous to do lists really does help. I also have to prioritise. If I have an assignment due in a few days and I only need a blog post for the next week, of course I will get the assignment done and out of the way. Taking one task at a time and not trying to get everything done all at once means that I can get things done to an acceptable standard and I don't end up wasting time having to re do something.

Schedule. I always mention that I write my posts at the weekend and schedule them for the following week but this really does hep because I'm not worrying during the week that I have all this work as well as needing to write up a post or take some photos. If it's all done at the weekend I don't need to worry about it.

An Idea Bank. Every weekend I try and take sometime to just sit down with a pen and my notebook and think of some ideas; some that I might not be able to use straight away but I could use in the future. Soon I'll have a lot of ideas that I can use when I can't think of anything for that week and you are not left post less during the week.

Don't Stress. Know your limits; know when to step back and take a break from both the workload and your blog. Taking on too much can be something I'd suggest not doing if you're already struggling to juggle a blog and college. If you're posting daily and having to go to school everyday I'd take the time to think if the stress really is worth it; don't make it too demanding because I always have to remember that this is a hobby and something I should be enjoying as a relief from my work.

There are just a few things I try and do to help me juggle and a blog and being a student and I hope they may help some of you too!
Hope you're doing great,

Recently my blog has been lacking substance. When writing my posts I don't feel as passionate as I used to and every weekend when I come to write my posts for the following Monday and Thursday I'm often stuck these days in thinking of posts that not only I will enjoy but you as well. I thought to give myself a bit of help and maybe yourself, I thought I would give you some ways to get inspired!
  • Always carry a notebook; you never know when you'll have a stroke of inspiration!
  • Try free writing. Just sit and write and see where it gos.
  • Quit Beating yourself up! It happens to everyone.
  • Take Breaks. Don't force it and let the ideas flow naturally.
  • Take Risks. Don't stick to your comfort zone and explore new aspects to blogging.
  • Go Somewhere New. It may bring you new inspiration as well as another blog post!
  • Collaborate. Just because you're uninspired doesn't mean everyone else is so maybe someone can help you.
  • Watch a documentary
  • Re-read your favourite book
  • drink tea
  • sing in the shower
  • have fun 
  • distract yourself. Put it to the back of your mind and suddenly an idea could pop out form no where!
This is just a quick post with tips but I am unfortunately feeling very uninspired recently when it comes to my blog and I some times feel a little lost into what you want me to post as well as what I want to post as well. Hopefully I'll be feeling inspired again soon and maybe you could give me some ways you stay inspired.

How do you stay inspired?
Hope you're doing great,

We tiptoe around the subject of depression and suicide all too much. I understand it's not a topic to discuss at the dinner or talk about on an everyday basis because it is a sensitive subject. However, because of this many don't know what to say or do to help a friend or a member of family through a difficult time like this. It could be that you just found out that someone close to you has been self harming or feeling low or maybe they were brave enough to come out and tell you but either way you still might not know what to do or how to act so I thought I would give you a bit of advice on giving advice yourself to someone you want t help. I'm no way trained to be giving this advice and the ideas I give may not work on certain people but I hope this might help one of you now or in the future.

In The Beginning.
If someone close to you tells you about what they've been going through, no matter how touch feely your relationship is hug them because they'll probably need it. Having said that, a lot of people don't want to tell people because they don't want things to change so maybe don't hug them if it's a dramatic difference to what you would usually do. If you feel yourself hugging is the wrong way to go just say that you will be there for them 24/7 whenever they need someone for something big or small. If they want to get out of the house for an hour you're there or if they want to be left alone the that's fine too.

They are some things I would personally avoid saying or something along these lines:
"You'l get over it"
"People have it worse"
"I went through the same thing last week when I lost my phone"

Saying these things will probably cause them to wish they hadn't told you and may actually make the situation worse.

Giving Advice.
They might ask you what they should do or you may want to help them yourself slightly to just be a good friend. I don't suggest printing off pages of research on depression or telling them to go see a therapist. I also wouldn't force them to tell an adult, whether it's a parent or teacher, unless you feel things aren't improving and you can tell things are getting worse.
One thing I would suggest them doing is keeping busy and distracting themselves. Keep busy will help them forget about those bad thoughts even if it is for half an hour. You can help with this by taking them shopping, for a coffee, to the cinema etc. Suggest for them to pick up a new hobby; baking's a good one or even knitting.

Something else I would suggest is that you could do is ask them if they keep a diary. If they don't maybe suggest it because it's a good way to let all your thoughts out because their might be things they still don't want to tell you. It will help them get it off their chest without telling a physical being.

Opening Up.
This is something I would not force at all because they will tell you when they're ready but all you can do for this to happen is to listen and when I say listen I mean listen. Your friend may give away little hints to why she's feeling bad just in everyday conversations. This can help you realise what makes your friend feel the way she does and hopefully will help you help your friend.

Be Careful.
Everything around mental illness' have to be done with care. It's not something that with you help will dispensary overnight. You have to be patient and help your friend for as long as they need. Don't make any drastic changes to your relationship because they will probably pick up on it and hate it. If you act like you feel sorry for them they'll feel you'r treating them like a younger sister and not a friend and hate it. Treat them the same and just make sure you're there for them. Don't expect them to give you all the answers or any at all about how they're feeling or how it started because quite often, they won't know themselves.

The best thing you do is there for them and make sure they know you're there.
I hope this helps and that you enjoyed reading this post.
Hope you're doing great,

Tags are something I love to do but I always find it hard to find one I like or that I think would interest you. When I saw a fellow blogger answered these questions I thought I would get back in to tags and answer the questions!

1. Which product do you keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection already?
I have to saw I buy more of most products that I really need but, for me, it's probably lipsticks. I tend to buy one lipstick and fall in love in the colour and buy another that I love without realising they're basically the same colour. I also seem to always buy more foundations because I've never found the perfect foundation for myself so I keep trying new ones. 

2.What's one product you couldn't live without?
Probably foundation. I have lots of redness, spots and scars that need covering up and I think I'd rather have what seems to be a flawless complexion over long lashes or perfect brows. 

3. Favourite make up brand?
This one question I've been trying to answer for years but if I'm going off what brand I own the most products of it'll have to be L'oreal. They always seem to deliver and always have more to offer that I want to try. At the moment, I'm really wanting to try their green CC cream for redness r their new eye shadow palette.

4. How big is your make up collection?
I feel mine is smaller than most bloggers but it is by no means small; I have more than what is necessary which includes products that I hardly use. 

5. And how do you store it? 
The cliche blogger way; in muji acrylic storage. I also keep some in draws as well as some baskets. I did a post a little while back about how I store my make up. It has changed slightly since then but it might give you a better idea if you're interested!

6. How many item of make up do you have in your bag at the moment?
I have to say, I'm not one to take make up out with me and I just leave it to ware off because I can never be bothered to touch up- not even my lipstick. Even if I did take it out with me, I'd put it right back where it belongs almost as soon as I get home. So, at the moment all I have in my bag is  lip balm and that's it!

7. If you could raid another bloggers stash who would it be?
It's a toss up between Kate from gh0stparties, Estee from Essie Button and Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeUp all of which are amazing bloggers and have been around for a while to have built up a great collection so I would love to just delve into the depths of their beauty draws to see everything they have!

8. How long does your usual make up routine take and how many products do you use?
I'm pretty fast at applying my daily face so about 10-15 minutes every morning. I use most products on an everyday basis maybe skipping eye shadow and primer so I use about 8 products every day!

9. Have you ever bough make up knowing you wouldn't use it?
I have to admit, this happens quite often. Most recently it's been the Make Up Revolution blush palette. I'm not a massive blush person and the colours weren't really my cup of tea but I stupidly picked it up anyway because I thought it would be a good palette to have. While I have used, I haven't used it as much as I should. I do take the fact I can buy this for granted and I should really consider purchases a lot more than I do.

So that's the Make Up Addict Tag done and I tag all of you!
Hope you're doing great,