The Best Of 2013: Beauty

26 Dec 2013

Hope you all had a great Christmas! I said in my last post that I won't be posting till the new year and that it will be these Yearly round up posts; however I've decided why not give you the first one now?
This year, I was going to do a yearly favourites but I don't want to rush this so I'm going to split them up into Beauty, Skincare, Book, Films etc and memories from the past year! When choosing what to put in each post, there was a lot of choice and I wanted to keep them quite short (so you won't get too bored!) and also remembering back to January this year seemed to hurt my brain so there'll probably be a lot of things I've forgotten but I've tried my best and hopefully you'll enjoy these posts! So as you can tell from the title, I'm going to kick things off with beauty!

 Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick #19
I actually have mentioned this in a few posts including a passed favourites (here) but it has remained a favourite through out the entirity of this year. I'd class it as a dark nude and it gives such a grown up look to my face. It's become a serious staple for me and I think I'm going to carry on loving it for years to come- well until Rimmel break my heart and discontinue it!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
How could this not be included! I haven't used any other concealer this year but this one. It just works and, again, I've already mentioned this a hundred times already. It lightens under my eyes and covers up blemishes without bringing any attention to them. One thing that I love about this is the fact there is no shimmer and the colour match is perfect for me! This has gone up in price over the past year I think but it doesn't surprise me the high demand for it in the blogging world as well as everywhere else. I do want to branch out of my concealer comfort zone in 2014 but I can't see anything tearing me aware from this Collection Concealer!

Maybelline Baby Lips 'Cherry Me'
What do you know! Another product I've mentioned time and time again but this lip balm is great in so many ways; the fact it really does moisturise and sooth my lips aswell as gives them that little tint of red. This is the only Baby Lips I have and along with the formula and the slight tint it give, the smell is to die- being a (no surprise here) cherry scented lip balm. This is a purchase that I have bought just a few months ago but I feel it deserves to be in this post!

MUA 'Undressed Me' Palette
This Eyeshadow palette is probably the most featured thing on my blog being because of how cheap it is and how good it is- with an array of colours that are just perfect for me this palette has endless combinations- some of which I'm still discovering now after a year. When I bought this palette, I thought it wouldn't last long at all or the eye shadow would just fall off my lids but I was wrong- I haven't 'hit pan' on any of the colours yet and I'm still far from. The colour intensity is perfect- the staying power also and so how could I not include this in this post.

Rimmel Fix And Perfect Primer
I don't think I can remember how I coped without a primer other than getting so annoyed at myself when my make-up wouldn't last or my dry patches were so prominent. This is such a a life saver and, yes, it is the only primer I have used before and I haven't tried any others but it minimizes the look of my pores and the  appearance of my dry skin. It makes my skin so soft and gives my make-up and smooth base to start on. I've got to say, for the price of £6.99, for me, you don't get your moneys worth of product and I make sure I scrape every last drop from the tube but I have come to the terms with the price and I do feel it is worth the money and I have used it all year round!

Sleek Face Form Palette
I'm more adding this to my yearly favourites for the bronzer; the fact that this palette comes in different shades for different skin tones means that it came with the perfect bronzer for my skin. If the fact that it's the right match for my skin wasn't enough, the bronzer is matte which makes it my perfect contour colour. I have to say, once I do run out of the bronzer, I will probably just purchase the contour Kit from sleek- as you get more of the bronzer- because I don't tend to use the blush or the highlight as I have other alternatives and , for me, the blush doesn't seem to give much colour pay off if any at all. I'm not sure if this was because it was so muted to suit the skin tone of a fairer person of that it just doesn't work as a blush for me. All that aside, like I said the bronzer has completed my life and so I had to include this in my favourites!

Real Techniques Brushes
I own the powder brush and the expert face brush and I don't what I would do without them. The Powder brush is great to apply my pressed powder or to create an all over natural bronzed look. The expert face brush has been perfect also; the shape of the brush makes my make-up easier to blend and rarely leaves streak marks around my face like the common foundation brushes do. I'm hoping to be purchasing another set of the brushes in the new year and they've also been added to my Christmas list so we'll have to see what happens (this post is queued so at the time of writing I had no clue if I was getting them). They have made my make-up routines so much more simple and quicker that of course they had to be in my favourites.

There's so many more products that I'd like to include in this post such as my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Avon Extended Mascara but I didn't want this post to be unbearably long.
But I hope you enjoyed this first installment of my Best Of 2013! What has been your favourite beauty products of the past year?
Again, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and I hope you're ok,
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