Get Unready With Me: My Skincare Routine.

15 Dec 2013

I've been wanting to this post for ages and I'd like to start by saying that the skincare products change fairly frequently-depending on which skin problem is troubling me the most so this routine is focused on how my skin is feeling at the moment.
 It's probably best to mention that I have combination skin but it's more on the dry side and I don't get over oily skin but I do suffer from acne which comes with age and has calmed down a a lot from what it used to be. On top of all that I also get a lot of blackheads so I basically have every skin problem going! At the moment though I've had fairly dry skin (which I think has come from the whether) and also have had a lot of blackheads. So I better stop babbling and show you my Skin care routine at the end of the day!

I going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible starting with removing my make-up!
I use The L'oreal Micellar Solution which you've heard me going on about all time.(I did I full blog post on it which you can read here) I use this, like I said, to take my make-up off with a cotton pad. 
I then pop in the shower and I tend to cleanse my face while I'm in the shower- at the moment I've been using the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. Eventhough I do have dry skin, I don't find exfoliators tough on my skin and especially this as it's such a light exfoliator. I find this stuff works wonders on minimizing my pores and removing those blackheads- I can really tell when I skip a day using this! If I chose not apply my cleanser in the shower, I will just do it over the sink and use a flannel for a little extra exfoliate.Like I said before, the cleanser I use depends on what skin problem I'm targeting but other cleansers I use and love are the Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser or the Clean And Clear Spot Control Cleanser which I'm not sure they sell anymore but there's similar Clean and Clear products that are great for acne.
Then I got on and use the Garnier Simple Essentials Toner; I haven't used this long enough to notice any difference in my skin but I will sure keep you posted and let me know if you want a full review!
Before I apply my moisturiser, I apply salvon all over my face. It is an anti-bacterial cream so I place it on parts of my face where I have broken out. Recently though, I've found myself applying it all over my face to hydrate my skin a little more and it's been working great! 
You've heard my speak about this before as well and that is my Simple Moisturiser which just does the job!
To finish off,I use my Good Things Stop That Spot Cleansing Gel which I apply directly onto my spots and leave it awhile to soak in. Again, I've not been using this long enough to notice a difference but I just fancied a change up to what I normally use which is the Clean and Clear Spot Treatment which I love!

I hope you enjoyed this little skincare post! I have also done a skincare routine for after a late night out which you can read here. I'd love to hear what you include in your skincare routine and what skincare products you recommend! 
Hope you're having a good day,

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