Clothes Show Live 2013

7 Dec 2013

So yesterday, I headed down to the Clothes Show in Birmingham with school where I woke up at 5:00 and left school at 6:30. It' was a long journey there; spending most of the time sleeping. Once we arrived it was just like last year in the fact the size of it all overwhelmed me! We had 20 minutes before we had to head on over to the main arena where we watched a catwalk show. Last year's catwalk was amazing even more so as we were right near the front. However, this year it didn't seem as bigger of a production and seemed a lot shorter. Saying that though, he catwalk is and will remain the highlight of my day! The catwalk starting with a performance from Stooshe. The catwalks theme seemed to be a weekend a way with the friends arriving at the house which followed an autumnal theme and then moving on to lounging in the pool to getting all cosy and ready for bed which is the part where all the ladies look forward to. They also threw in winter wear and festival style. What makes the catwalks at the clothes show so enjoyable is how fun they make it and it's not so serious with dance routines thrown in as well. Also being the 25th year of the clothes show, they went out with a bang!

Once the catwalk had finished we spent the rest of the day exploring all the stalls. I saw my fair share of celebrities for my favourite TV show Made In Chelsea and TOWIE. I didn't manage to meet any of them personally but I just admired from a distance. Jamie Laing and Andy Jordan both had stalls. I managed to see Jamie but Andy wasn't arriving till 4 and I'd already left sadly! They also had their usual UK & Ireland's next top model catwalk and meet & greet and even though I wasn't a fan of the show, all the models were lovely!

My Clothes Show post was the first post I ever wrote on this blog which you can read here. At the end of that post I wrote a little note to myself of things to remember next time I go and I tried to use them however, again I regretted not bring my other lens with better zoom with me and I didn't get may freebies but one thing I didn't do like I did last year was waste my money. I didn't mention in that post really but I spent most of the day last year with only one bag and by the end I just wanted to spend spend spend so wasted money on things I really didn't need so this year I came away with only one bag and one I was pleased with and that was Model's own. It's 3 for £10 with a load of freebies chucked in and I was happy with that. By the end I felt disappointed that it was the only thing I bought but I just kept telling myself that I've spent money on things I know I will use and I'm only £10 down and have more money to sped on things I can spend time making sure I like! 
The Model's own colours I chose were Coral Reef, Lemon Meringue which are very summer/spring colours I feel and Copper Pot which i'll definitely be wearing this Christmas. The fourth was the clothes show special which came as a freebie called Show Stopper 2; I'm not much of a fan of glitter nail varnish but I adore this one and when I saw it on Lily's blog before I went, it got me very excited! I'll think I'll be posting a NOTD with it on very soon!

I didn't want to squeeze all the photos I took into this post so I've made the album public on facebook so feel free to look through here.
I hope you enjoyed this daily account style post and let me know if you like this kind of post! Have you ever been to the Clothes Show or are planning on going?
Hope you're having a good day! 

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