Summer Booket List.

23 Aug 2013

I think I may have mention this before but I find it easier to read in summer because I'm more relaxed and more freedom on when I can read and how long for.Just like many, I have a bucket list- of things I want to do during summer. However, my bucket list is a 'booket' list- of books I'd like to read during summer. If I'm honest it was hardly a list; it had a few books that I've had that I needed to read and also just said 'read more'. After reading the books I'd had before summer, I ran out quickly so I decided to buy more and by this time I had two weeks of summer left and knew I wouldn't finish this so, my idea of this post going from me telling you that I have/haven't read all the books on my list, it is turning into I basic post of what I've been reading specifically over summer.I will write about the books in the order read them and for each book I will do a small review with a few little details!

#1 Five People You Meet In Heaven (Mitch Albom) - I picked this book up a few months ago and I was waiting for the right time to read it. This and another book by Mitch Albom was recommended to me by a friend and when they both became on offer as a little set for merely the price of one of the books, I jumped at the chance! This book I finished, I think, in 2 days and it was such a simple idea that surprisingly no one had thought of. It was about a man who worked at pier who dies and, this may come as a surprise to, meets five people in heaven! The people he meets, he may not know personally, but have had some impact on the life that he lived. Each person comes with a lesson; the whole concept of this book and is so heart warming, I would recommend it to anyone!

#2 Looking For Alaska (John Green)- I'm sure you're sick of hearing about this book on my blogs being featured in 3 of my earlier blog posts so instead of boring anyone who has already read, I will just leave the link to my full review here. But I finished this books in, again, I think 2 days.

#3 Ketchup Clouds (Annabel Pitcher) - After reading the first two books, I had a break purely because none of my others books were interesting me at the time so I decided to buy some new books and this book caught my eye!It is a book about a girl who decides to write to a criminal on death row who knows all about secrets as she too has dark and terrible secret that she's desperate to tell someone. This book was not what I thought it would be and I was pleased. I feel it does come into the genre of John Green books and teen fiction. I finished this book in 3 days; it was such a simple and quick read and I loved it!

#4 War Horse (Michael Morpurgo) - I actually started this book before I bought Ketchup Clouds but ended up finishing it after. I decided to read this after my love for war based fiction books and my love for another book by Michael Morpurgo- Private Peaceful. I thought this books will fill the time between ordering some new books and them arriving being only 180 page book. It obviously took me longer than expected taking a week! I had seen the film based on this book which I absolutely love and the fact my mum adores this book meant I had high expectations for this book and it did slightly disappoint, sadly. I loved the story line but it didn't manage to keep me wanting more. Also, Michael Morpugo's books are aimed at people even younger than me of people aged 11+ and I didn't even understand what some of the words meant! I did like the how, like in most of his books, it's written in the perspective of an animal and he doesn't get lost in this such as in some books for younger people animals can speak to other animals but her doesn't go down that path and instead he only understand humans and only describes how he communicates with other horses and not the fact that they can both actually speak! I was glad that I did finish it as it is very different from the film and I love comparing books to films but sadly, again, this did let me down.

Unfortunately, these are the only books I've read this summer so far but I do still have two weeks in which I'm hoping to read at least two more books in the space of time. I've already have started to read The Lovely bones and I think I will try to read the other Mitch Albom book- Tuesdays With Morrie. If I do have time I also have two other books: The Kite Runner and Girl Reading that I can start on and carry on into the start of the school year!

If you do like how instead of doing separate book reviews, I compile a few in one post please do let me know! Or if you'd like me to a full review on certain books or the books I'm yet to read,again, let me know!
I hope you enjoyed this! What books have you been enjoying this summer?
Hope you're having a good day! x

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