L'Oreal 3 in 1 Micellar Solution.

18 Aug 2013

Before I first purchased this Micellar Solution just a few weeks ago, I'd seen many bloggers reviewing this specific product and comparing it to Bioderma which I haven't had privilege of purchasing as it isn't sold in shops on England and also is fairly hard and expensive to get hold of online; so when I saw this products on the English shelves I was rearing to try it out!
If you're like me and are getting the illusion from the over complicated name that this is some sort of miracle, holy water then, well, you're wrong- it basically is the simple thing of make-up remover which is fabulous for sensitive/delicate skin. I touched on this in my 'Current Favourites' post that I'm very lazy in removing my make-up and just using any old make-up removing wipes which probably isn't best for my skin and now I've started using this make-up remover, I don't think I will be using Make-up wipes anymore!

The good thing about this make-up remover is that it can be used on face, lips and eyes so you don't need to bother with a separate eye make-up remover. This product is also isn't scented and includes no alcohol. As much as I love a scented product, I am glad this it isn't and it has made me realise that perfume products aren't really best for my delicate skin- maybe this is the World's way of saying 'No Sarah! Non-perfumed is . best!'. After using this with just a cotton pad, holding down on areas such as my eyes and lips for a few seconds and swiping across removing most traces of the product, it left my skin feeling moisturised, smooth and not tight as some products with toner seem to do. After one wipe with a cotton pad across all areas of my face,seems to get most make-up off in one but of course I will wipe round a few times to make sure all make-up traces I've gone. I've find this surprisingly good for eye make-up remover and manages to get rid off all traces of mascara fairly quickly. Unfortunately, I haven't tried this with a waterproof mascara so maybe if you've tried you could let me know!
I've also find myself using this as a light toner when I haven't been wearing make-up on some days and applying on a cotton pad again after cleansing but before moisturing.
For such a good make-up remover, I'm surprised at how cheap it is ,being sold for £4.99 for 200ml normally, because of how good it is! I think I'm going to stick with this instead of trying to hunt down some Bioderma online that is sold (on the first website I've found) at £4.50 for 100ml.

L'Oreal definitely isn't one of the brands I jump to for skin care but after how much I having been loving this Micellar Solution, maybe I should give some of their other products a chance!
Have you tried the Micellar Solution yourself?
 Hope you enjoyed this review and are having a good day!x

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