"I Was Drizzle And She Was A Hurricane."

7 Aug 2013

So I opened this post with a title that is a quote from the book "Looking from Alaska" written by the amazing John Green. So when reading this book, I noticed the daisy like white flower on the front of the book and decided that I would draw a little daisy on one of my nails so I thought I would share it with you now seeing as soon I will be publishing a post on the book and also it links into my 'dainty daisies' post which is just a happy coincidence!

 This was such a simple nail; using, as the main colour, a Barry M Gelly Shine nail varnish in Blueberry which is a lovely cornflower blue. I then used a Barry M nail varnish in ______ and a simple, cheap white nail varnish- because it was for such a small detail, i wasn't to bothered about the quality of the nail varnish as long as it worked.

To do the pattern, I, firstly painted the nail using two coats of the Gelly Shine nail varnish and ,once dry, added a small spot of the yellow. Then a took a fine paintbrush for the petals. If you don't have a small paintbrush you could use a toothpick or cocktail stick. One thing that also could work is something I had purchased from Avon. It has a cone on one end and a fine brush on the other so you can create dots or fine lines.
I hope you liked this little idea and please excuse the chubbiness and shortness of my fingers in the pictures haha!
Hope you're enjoyed and are having a good day, x

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