21 Jul 2013

Last night, I was doing the stereotypical movie stare out the bedroom window. As stupid as I may have looked to my neighbors, me stood there gazing at nothing but the night sky, it was weirdly calming and helpful in making me think through things properly. One of those was change and how summer last year when I broke up from school is so very different to this time around. Last year I had the same group of friends which I stuck to like glue until I realised that it may be for the better if i peel away that glue and just be my own who can be friends with whoever and even make new friends in other people. Mot all the changes I made this year were my choice as they have been just a natural occurrence or the change that effected me was in the hands of another person such as a friend or a family member; but some changes were my own such as last school year i made my own decision in what GCSEs i will be taking.
Some changes have been big such as the loss of family and friends but others are just small one such as my music taste- the music i listened to last summer is not the same as it was this year.
This time last year I was wanting to make a blog and now I have and it's a reality and it's just great!
Up until this year my future has been as to what path I want to take after school where as now the are so many options that I really can't decide.
The one thing, above all, that I love about he changes I make is the fact that this time last year I didn't get along with some people and most of them I now class as close friends and that to me is the most positive change that has happened to me this past year.
There are so many meanings to change and how many changes ave occurred daily in this past school year that i could go on forever but I think change is something that is happening just now as you read this or i type this and it is very hard to document every little change.
Change really does scare me for instance ! don't want people to tell me I've changed and then hate the 'new me' but sometimes change is something you can't control and I have to come to terms with the fact change is something good most of the time and it will always happen everyday and so I have o learn to love change and once that happens I won't be scared as to what to future holds anymore.

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